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This will be on-going, up until Xmas Eve when the sacks get delivered by our Elves! See the details below! Yukon Helpers Network has partnered with YuCreate to bring you - ‘Operation Elf!’ - A toy drive that offers a second chance to those perfectly fine toys you might have sitting around!


A wonderful way to show/teach the children in our lives how empathy works, while making someone else's day at the same time!



Operation Elf - Santa Sack

SKU : 364215376135191
  • How does ‘OPERATION ELF’ work? - There are a few different ways to be a part of this!

    You can be a giver, a receiver, or an Elf! We will be delivering 100 sacks in total - with over half already been sold!


    1. Sign-up to purchase a bag - bags are approx 2ft tall, and 18 inches wide - available at $15 each! (Delivery included)

    Inside each bag, will be an instruction sheet on what toys are accepted and how to properly sanitize your toy(s).

    2. Use a colored marker to sign your FIRST name(s) on the bottom of the sack, where it says ‘love’[from]_________

    3. Arrange Delivery/Pick up to the Yukon Helpers Network by December 17th, so all bags can be collected and delivered by the Elves on Xmas eve!


    1. To sign up a child in your life, who might enjoy receiving a gift from OPERATION ELF, you can nominate them through contacting Yukon Helpers Network.

    2. We will need to collect an address for delivery of the sack, as well their first name, gender identity, and age, so we can match toys to potential receivers.

    3. We gently request that the receiver understands or has been explained to, that these gifts are second-hand, and not brand new. Some might be older, but in mint condition and ready to bring joy to another individual!


    1. Contact Yukon Helpers Network to sign up for becoming an elf, and delivering the sacks on Xmas eve! We will add you to the schedule!

    2. The only requirement is - you are able to cover your own gas for deliveries, and will consider wearing an elf hat, or Santa hat when you deliver.

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