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Birch Syrup is a unique syrup of the northern forests. We make our birch syrup from a beautiful birch stand in central Yukon. Birch syrup is made in much the same way as maple syrup but with the sap of birch trees. There are some key differences between maple and birch. One is the amount of sap it takes to make a given quantity of syrup. It takes 40 litres sap to make one litre of maple. In a good birch stand it takes double the amount of sap, 80 litres to make one litre of syrup. A lot more work for the same amount of syrup! Another difference is the taste, Birch Syrup is a much darker, stronger and richer tasting syrup than maple. Lastly there is the difference in the nutrition of the two. Birch syrup is mostly fructose sugar, same as in fruit, while maple has sucrose, same as table sugar. Birch is also packed with nutrients. Check out the Nutrition Information on the Recipe Page to see the details. There really is no comparing the two, like comparing apples and oranges.


Most of the restaurants in Dawson City use Unlce Berwyn's Yukon Birch Syrup in thier cooking!


***$5.00 of the 250ml bottle will be donated to local organizations!

***$2.50 of the 100ml bottle will be donated to local organizations!


Uncle Berwyn's Yukon Birch Syrup

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