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These are hand-drawn and printed at home in the Yukon, so they are entirely local and no waste is created in production. Even the cover image is one of the colouring pages! 

Sacred Gaurdians - The Wheel of the Year Coloring Book - Iantha Diala Greer

SKU: 2020-013
  • Iantha Diala Greer grew up in the Yukon. Born in Ontario in 1990, she travelled to Whitehorse with her single mother when she was 5 years old to find a new home. Being homeschooled as a child, and living outside of city limits for most of her life, she developed a love of nature and mysticism that has informed her art styles. Landscapes and Goddesses are her most common subjects. She works primarily with acrylic paints, pencil & ink, and 2D/3D paper creations. 

    She is a self-taught artist and received a bachelor's degree in Film Studies from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Her first stop-motion animated film, “A Quiet Night In,” (2020) was a short made entirely of hand-drawn, moveable paper pieces.

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